Intro to Electricity

By The Hacktory (other events)

2 Dates Through Jun 22, 2016

Electricity, it’s all around us, and through human ingenuity, we have harnessed it to power modern society. As a force in nature, electricity behaves very differently than any other natural phenomenon. In this workshop you’ll learn (or get a refresher on) the foundation of electrons and electricity. This understanding is critical for anyone interested in building or fixing electronics, to avoid zapping yourself or your components. Artists, creatives, and others who failed high school physics are encouraged to attend. No math will be required, though if you enjoy math you’ll walk away with an understanding of the calculations related to the properties of electricity. A two-part series.

In order to make this class as accessible as possible, we are making the ticket options to be pay what you wish, with a minimum of $5 for each. As a small nonprofit that gets by with a lot of volunteer support, please consider adding more to your ticket as a donation to help us provide more great programming like this workshop. 


All ages are welcome to this event. Young makers age 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult.