Philly Love Bot Workshop

By The Hacktory (other events)

Tuesday, May 3 2016 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

In August 2015 a friendly Canadian robot, the HitchBOT met a sad demise in our fair city. When The Hacktory’s team heard what happened, they offered to fix the robot and restore Philly’s reputation as a robot-friendly city. While we weren’t able to work on repairing the actual HitchBOT, we decided to make a different bot, which we called the Philly Love Bot. The Love Bot also has a goal to travel and relies on humans to help it do so, but we put a spin on the project. Anyone who receives or offers to transport a Philly Love Bot is also making a commitment to perform a good deed and document it on social media, using the hashtag #phillylovebot. Come and build your own Philly Love Bot at this fun hands-on workshop, or check out bots that other people have made. We want to restart the project with a new batch of bots we can then send out in the world during Tech Week to spread good deeds and a message about the great, friendly people that call Philly home.


All ages are welcome to this event. Participants that are 13 and up are welcome to build their own robots. For young makers age 12 and younger, we ask that they be accompanied by an adult. For young makers and adult pairs, purchasing just one ticket is fine.